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Get into Gear is a free to use self-help tool.
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Take control

Create structure and routine. Customize Get into Gear and set your own obtainable goal.

Change your mindset

Get motivated and start doing the things you find hard to do. Watch yourself grow and achieve your goals.

Recognize your achievements

Rediscover your self-worth and be kind to yourself with guilt-free downtime and no judgement.


This is an app for people that struggle with their productivity and mental health. There are a lot of us out there that struggle to get up in the morning and feel good. Get into Gear will help you feel good about doing stuff. It'll help you do more of what matters to you. 

You track and gain points for any positive activity you do in your day, no matter how small, so you get a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Those little victories lead to motivation and momentum, which helps you feel good. Which helps you do more.... you get the idea. Try it today and make small changes that change everything.
Hi, I’m Matt and in 2015 I was suffering from severe depression and was struggling with EVERYTHING. I couldn’t do anything for myself. I’d start something and not finish it. I’d then find myself on the sofa or in bed staring at the ceiling. Just starting a thing was hard enough. When I did feel, I felt ashamed and guilty.

To get motivated and recognise even a few minutes of activity I started timing myself for 30 minute chunks and assigning a points value to activities. The harder I found it to start an activity the more points I got.

Getting points feels good so I started giving myself points for everything that took effort: cleaning my teeth, chores, exercise etc. I even gave myself points for not drinking alcohol. I had created Get into Gear.

I set myself a daily and weekly points goal and started to hit those goals and gradually increase them. Hitting the goal felt good. I felt less guilty and ashamed because by recognising my effort I realised I'd actually done something, even if I hadn’t finished anything. I could reward myself with guilt-free downtime.

Gradually increasing the goal when I could meant that I started to face those hard to do activities, build momentum and motivation. In a few weeks I was feeling great and was functioning again. It turns out what I was doing is a form of what psychotherapists call Behavioural Activation, an evidence-based treatment for depression.

Having had great success sharing Get into Gear with a therapist and their clients we decided to make it into an app to empower you to make change, do more of what matters to you and feel good about yourself.

I use the app daily to do more of what’s important to me. It keeps me motivated and my activity menu is constantly evolving as I face new challenges, form new habits or have new goals I want to approach (I’m getting a lot of points for writing this).

Thank you for reading this. I hope Get into Gear helps you as much as it helps me.


Custom Activities
Completely personal and fully customizable to you. Create your routine and activity menu from scratch. Add unlimited activities as you use Get into Gear.
Set your goal
Set your daily points goal and reach it by doing activities. Be kind to yourself and change your goal at any time. Reach your points goal and reward yourself guilt-free.
Track your day
Track your progress in the activity log. Track routine, timed activities, quick tasks and do less of. Get points for doing anything that requires effort.
Gain points in real time or add activities you've been doing during the day. Get points for doing even a few minutes of activity. The harder you find the activity, the more points you get.
Log your mood
Learn more about why you feel the way you do and what impacts you most. Recognise the activities that help you feel good.
Weekly reports
Weekly reports that help you recognise that you may be doing more than you think.

Start making change today
Download Get into Gear

Use it to make a change, manage change or to get motivated.

Use it to help with depression, anxiety and stress.

Use it to create structure working from home, or to kickstart studying.

Start making change today.
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Use it to get motivated and do more of what's important to you.
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How it works

Set your points goal and add unlimited custom activities to your profile. Assign points to each. The harder you find something the more points you get.
Get points for anything that requires effort. Recognize even a few minutes of activity by gaining points using the stopwatch feature.
Hit your points goal, relax and reward yourself guilt-free. Gradually increase your goal and find yourself doing those harder to do things.
Research shows that motivation often follows action, not the other way around.

You don't need to feel good to get going; use Get into Gear to get going and give yourself a chance of feeling good.

We’ve made Get into Gear an app to help you make a change in your life and feel good about yourself. We want to destigmatize sharing our mental health struggles and encourage you to help yourself with a free, practical tool that's customizable to your situation. You're not alone, we're all human, we all go through tough times.


This app is so helpful,
it has become part of my daily routine. It helps me focus on tasks that are beneficial, and reminds me how much I've achieved during the day. I'm using it to help lift my mood and improve my mental health. It's amazing how such a simple concept really can help. For the stats nerds among us (me included), being able to track my mood against the points attributed to daily activities is fantastic. For an app only on v1 I'm impressed and keen to see what's next.


I would highly recommend.
I have tried a variety of habit tracker and self help apps, but this is unlike anything I have come across. You can track and gain points for any positive activity you do in your day, no matter how small, so you get a sense of satisfaction and achievement which helps to generate motivation. Since using this app I have found myself more productive and proactive, both in my work and personal life. It takes a little time to figure out how to use, as it is very customisable, so it takes a few tweaks to get the point scores at the correct level. Once this was done though, it was the most nuanced and personalised self help tool I have ever used. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to use their time better or increase motivation.


Motivating and handy
I've been using this app on maternity leave. It's really helped me get more structure to my days, and motivate me to do things for myself like short workouts/stretching or calling a friend. It also helps me recognize just how much I have been doing even on days when I feel I haven't achieved anything in particular. I love how it's fully customizable to my own needs and goals, and that I can get points for doing things in small increments, which is motivating and handy with a newborn to care for!


This is real self-help app
I struggle with what you would call daily routine and this app keeps me in check. I love it when I can reward myself with something special for my daily and weekly achievements. Great self-help tool at your fingertips

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Get yourself moving and keep moving with Get into Gear. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play and start making a change in your life.
Get yourself moving and keep moving. Download Get into Gear and start making a change in your life.
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